Psychology 11
Living a Healthier Life

Gallahue Hall 108
01:30 PM to 02:45 PM
01:30 PM
Emily Bosworth Indiana Wesleyan University, Jenna Mogg Indiana Wesleyan University, Lindsey Violet Indiana Wesleyan University, Chloe Mackay Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s):
Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
01:45 PM
Torri Boldery Hanover College,
Audrey Masterson Hanover College,
Olivia Ramsey Hanover College
Faculty Sponsor(s):
Kati Tuttle Hanover College
02:00 PM
Taylor Perry-Crawford Xavier University of Louisiana
Faculty Sponsor(s):
Shantoyia Jones Xavier University of Louisiana
02:15 PM
Taylor Lacy Huntington University,
Hannah Williams Huntington University,
SangJin Woo Huntington University
Faculty Sponsor(s):
Rebekah Benjamin Huntington University