The Year 3020

Jensen Healey Xavier University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Suzanne Chouteau Xavier University
My artwork targets the threatening systems of social and political polarization currently plaguing the United States and the necessity for effective communication to bridge generational gaps for a sustainable future. Means of broadcasting and interpersonal relationships have rapidly shifted within the past 20 years as a result of a worldwide magnetism toward an internet presence. Existing during the information age, we are supplied with all the collective knowledge in the world and are given public media platforms as ammunition. As newer generations are born into a world that demands they decide their beliefs from a young age, kids are growing up prepared to instantaneously decide who they like and who they don’t. In the modern era choosing sides is a requirement, and battling the enemy is an expectation. In a world of instant news that preys on shock factor, we are flooded with reoccurring tragedy, breeding us to be desensitized to disaster. Likewise, living behind internet personas within media that is intentionally filtered, the world of connectivity has quickly locked us within a bubble. While now conscious of more worldwide conflicts and concerns than ever before, humans have reacted to this overwhelming demand for change through outrage. Our empathy, direct communication, and modernity has failed. The Year 3020 represents the future we must work for, not escape from. It embodies the resiliency of the human spirit to actively participate across generations in changing the world for the better.
Art/Art History
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Irwin Library 3rd Floor