Writing Eco Cinema: the What, the How, and the Why

Kasey Kirchner Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dan Barden Butler University
While there exists ample literature about eco-theatre, the same is not true for eco-cinema. Nevertheless, eco-cinema films spanning multiple genres—films such as "Erin Brockovich," "Mother!," "Okja," "FernGully," and "Avatar"—still make headlines. Eco cinema is not a stand-alone genre like drama or comedy, but rather a subcategory of film that often gets tacked on to more well-known identifiers or overlooked entirely. In my attempt to write a feature-length eco-cinema screenplay, I explored many worlds of research, ranging from psychological research on activism to agricultural research about bovine respiratory disease. In this eclectic presentation, I will outline the ambiguous origins of and critical opinions on eco-cinema, discuss my process of writing a feature-length screenplay, and preview a scene from my script.
English Literature & Creative Writing
Oral Presentation

When & Where

11:15 AM
Jordan Hall 303