Working Backwards From Priceless: A Qualitative Study on the Exhibition and Trade of Art

Elsa Hoover Earlham College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Rajaram Krishnan Earlham College
Museums build permanent collections as well as have temporary exhibitions. Galleries facilitate artists exhibiting and selling their art. Auction houses determine what lots to consign and bring to the public for sale. All these activities involve important and complex decisions surrounding pricing, diversity, audiences, accessioning, and deaccessioning. This paper is concerned with these issues. It endeavors to collect and summarize perceptions of the art market from those who know it best. This will be done through qualitative surveys sent to professionals in the exhibition and trade of art. Answers to these surveys will be compared to what is known about the art industry; through this, I hope to gain a better idea of perceptions and truths in the industry.
Art/Art History
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02:00 PM
Lilly Hall 141