Unpacking the Relationship Between Religion and Physical Health: The Potential Role of Religious Alienation

Vickie Cook Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Raymond Giesler Butler University
Many previous studies have documented the positive association between religion and physical well-being, but recently, several investigations have suggested a more complex relationship. Recent studies suggest that healthier individuals tend to occupy the two extremes of the religiosity continuum (i.e., the highly religious and the highly secular ends), leaving the less healthy people in-between the two outlying groups. In my study, I hope to replicate this curvilinear relationship found between religiosity and physical health and determine the role that religious alienation could play in explaining this association. Survey methodology will be used to assess physical health, religiosity and level of religious alienation as well as several other potential mediating variables in a sample of young adults.
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10:45 AM
Pharmacy & Health Sciences 204