The Ubiquitous Presidency and Social Media in the 2012/2016 Presidential Elections

Allison Wiseman Hanover College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Valerie Young Hanover College
This paper explores social media communication techniques of presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama (2012) and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (2016). The goal is to examine, and compare the rhetorical presidency, which can be viewed as the more traditional approach to how the President and candidates spoke, acted, and portrayed himself in the media, to features of a ubiquitous presidency in which communication is more personal, accessible, and pluralistic. The methods used are a qualitative analysis of the language of tweets two weeks leading up to both elections by all four candidates. After the language is analyzed, a quantitative analysis will be done to score the candidates to determine which ones fall under the new ubiquitous presidency. This study will be able to determine candidate’s usage of presidential rhetoric in this presidency.
Communication & Media Studies
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