Trumpian Exceptionalism: The Effect of Changes in Social Status on Perception of America's Responsibility

Joe Killion Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gregory Shufeldt Butler University
In this research paper, I seek to identify what role perceived social status change played in influencing support for an isolationist model of AE and if that also led voters in 2016 to support Donald Trump’s unique approach. Because of existing literature’s focus on group status threats and Trump’s use of these threats during his campaign, I predicted that those who said their social status increased over the last five years would be more supportive of America’s responsibility to be a global leader. To study this, I used two questions related to perception of America’s role in world affairs and how respondent’s social status changed in the last five years. These questions were given to a convenience sample of approximately 1,000 people via the online Amazon Mechanical Turk platform.
Political Science
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