Trimming Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm

Grant Eberle Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gonzalo Ordonez Butler University
Grover’s quantum algorithm is a complicated search algorithm made to run on a quantum computer. The algorithm allows users to search a database for a word in a significantly shorter time than a conventional computer. Past experiments have attempted to run iterations of the algorithm on a quantum computer and failed because of the complexity. My research modifies and simplifies the theory of Grover’s algorithm by utilizing results from previous work done at Butler University. The paper referenced is titled, Solving Schrodinger’s Equation on a Hypercube and was a project that my advisor Dr. Ordonez completed with another Butler student in 2017. This paper discusses the concept of the diffusion of probability wave functions across a hypercube. I have directly applied this diffusion process to an edited and simplified version of Grover’s algorithm based on the premise of simplifying the connections and paths between q-bits represented on a hypercube. The algorithm I have created has been run and tested on the open-source quantum computers provided by IBM on their IBM Q website. My results display a trimmed and practical version of Grover’s quantum search algorithm.
Competitive Paper--All Disciplines (includes an Oral Presentation)
Competitive Paper (includes an Oral Presentation)

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02:15 PM
Jordan Hall 242