Trauma in Drama: Understanding Queer Literature as Trauma Narratives to Expose Traumas of Contemporary Queer Communities

Lyssa Dougan Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lee Garver Butler University
The importance of representation cannot be understated: having characters that echo real life allows readers to see themselves in stories that mirror their own, creating a powerful connection between art and reality. This connection acts as a grounding force, acknowledging the experiences of marginalized communities and exposing the pain embedded in them. Furthermore, representative pieces are not only truthful, but act as trauma narratives that enable the healing of wounds inflicted by societal norms. With nearly a century between their publication dates, Radclyffe Hall's "The Well of Loneliness" and Casey McQuiston's "Red, White, and Royal Blue" offer different outcomes for queer communities. However, both highlight traumas inherent in historical and contemporary queer experiences, and more importantly, despite their different perspectives, show their queer readers that they are not alone--someone recognizes and honors their value, and gives them permission to take up space.
Competitive Paper--All Disciplines (includes an Oral Presentation)
Competitive Paper (includes an Oral Presentation)

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