Too Attached?: A Phenomenological Study of Foster Parents’ Grief

Haleah Wilson Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study is to discover the lived experiences of foster parents who are managing and coping with grief/loss when a foster child leaves their home. Foster parents are housing some of the most vulnerable children in America, yet there are few studies currently done to see how grief from the loss of a foster child is affecting the foster parents. Therefore, semi-structured qualitative interviews have been conducted to understand how foster parents are coping and managing grief that they experienced due to fostering. This study focused on an array of circumstances that affects the foster parent’s attachment to the child/children with a concentrated focus on their grieving process upon removal of that child. The themes found from the data analysis were used to make recommendations in the field of social work in meeting the needs of foster parents who are experiencing grief, strengthening existing practices, and developing novel programming.
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