Three Melodies, Three Parts, Three Keys,: A Three-Part Analysis of Anton Dvorak’s Serenade for Winds, Op. 44

Charles Hartman Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Andrew Farina Butler University
For my Undergraduate Research Conference Presentation, I plan on analyzing movements one and four from Anton Dvorák’s Serenade for Wind Instruments, Opus 44. I will be focusing primarily on the overall form of the first movement in order to see how they work together as a beginning and conclusion of the piece, as well as individually. My plan is to analyze the cadences, key tonal areas, and main periods of each section. In addition, I also hope to analyze any historical and cultural influences the piece may have, specifically with Dovorák’s Czech heritage and the Mozart Serenade in Bb major, the work that originally inspired Dovorák to compose his Serenade. I will be comparing the two works to look for any key similarities, as well as do some research on common Czech musical styles. Ultimately I hope to prove that the Dovorák’s Serenade’s first movement pays homage to the Serenades of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and its cultural heritage through its style, form, and motifs. After completing my research, I will conclude by creating a small powerpoint presentation that can be used to provide in music examples and highlight the main points of the presentation. I hope to draw connections between the Mozart and Dovorák, showing what techniques the Composer drew from his predecessor.
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