Taylor University's Life Together Covenant and Dancing: The 2013 Change in Dancing Policy and Its Impact

Rachel Knight Taylor University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kevin Johnson Taylor University
The Life Together Covenant (LTC), one of Taylor University’s foundational documents, details responsibilities and expectations for students, faculty, and staff during their time at Taylor. Within the list of expectations are the university regulations regarding dancing. Over time, the LTC’s dancing policy has changed - a complete ban of dancing at the start of the 1980s, a ban on social dancing with dance being allowed within specific contexts in 1982, additional acceptable contexts for dancing added in 1998 and 2004, and a limited number of on-campus dances sponsored by Student Development each year, along with dance within specific contexts on and off campus, in 2013. The 2013 change to allow some social dancing came from student efforts, and it faced mixed reactions. Some approved of the change, while others thought it did not go far enough or went too far. This change also sparked changes on campus such as the creation of a POMS team, regular on-campus dances, the merging of the music and theatre departments into the Music, Theatre, and Dance department, the creation of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre program, and a dance production called “Moments” in October 2017. In a bit less than five years, dancing on the Taylor University campus changed from mostly banned to encouraged to celebrated on the stage.
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