Sports, Sororities, and Swipes: Perception of Hookups, Sex, and Dating in Athletes, Greek Members, and Non Affliated College Students

Ariel Higgins Butler University, Jake Kellersohn Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
We are analyzing the differences in sexual behavior (hooking up) and perceptions of sexual activity/hookups between Greek Members, Athletes, Non -Affiliated students at Butler University. Research done by Kuperberg and Padgett (2016) has found that members of Greek organizations are twice as likely to engage in college hookups as their non-Greek counterparts. Additionally, the findings of Faurie, Pontier, and Raymond (2004) found that athletes were also engaging in more sexual activity and had more sexual partners than non-athletes. The present study will add to previous research by offering a new perspective on Greek members, athletes, and non-affiliates students all within one study, when it comes to sexual behavior, hooking up, and the perceptions associated with them. We want to understand the perceptions and actual sexual behaviors of particular populations in college and the groups as a whole. To do this, we will be using a non-random, convenience sample. A twenty question closed-ended online survey that focuses on the perceptions of sexual behavior, and student affiliation (Greek, athletic, or non-affiliated) will be distributed to a wide range of college students at Butler University, a private institution, between the ages of 18-22. The online survey will be sent via list-serves to athletes, members of the Greek community, and non-affiliated students. We hypothesize that members of Greek houses on Butler University’s campus will be involved in more sexual behaviors and hookups, and have the most favorable perceptions regarding those behaviors compared to the other groups. We also believe that males will have higher rates of hooking up and sexual behavior and more favorable perceptions in all categories compared to women.
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