Social Media: Maintaining and Forming New Social Relationships Online

Taylor Siems Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
This is a qualitative exploratory study of the perceptions that different age groups have on social media based on their primary uses for the technology. This study focuses on both the use of social media as well as the attitudes that the users may have toward it. In an article titled How Social Media Can Improve Quality of Life from my research it discusses how each person finds their own meaning in technology usage which they then can attribute to bettering their quality of life. I wanted to expand on that idea particularly in the area of how it is being used to create new relationships between users. For many people this can come in the form of social interactions with people they may have never even met in person. Many social media platforms are creating a new form of socialization that hasn’t been explored extremely deeply. Subjects were recruited through the administering of a survey of 30 questions via a link shared on Facebook and Twitter. My participants were a mix of young adults as well as older adults in order to get multiple points of view from different ages. Many of the questions were formulated with the intent of getting an insight on how people are using social media to maintain their social relationships as well as how it is allowing them to expand their social circle.
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