Self-Evidency and Systemic Equality

Cory Matters Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): George Gaither Ball State University
An interdisciplinary approach is employed to investigate the neuropsychological character of faith as Self Evidency. Evolutionary and moral psychological perspectives on faith are examined, in an attempt to conceptualize faith from a neuropsychological standpoint. Once the perspective is established the topic is explored by the implications that it could have on the field of counseling psychology. Perspectives on neuroscientific evaluations of emotions are also examined as they pertain to this definition of faith. Additionally, these perspectives are challenged as to how they examine the topic of emotion. The importance and usefulness of this definition of faith as a counseling tool are also explored in a set of principled guidelines that support a psychological understanding of systemic equality.
Philosophy & Religion
Oral Presentation

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01:30 PM
Jordan Hall 336C