Secrets to Sobriety: A Qualitative Study on the Key Factors in Maintaining Sobriety for Five or More Years

Stephanie Neeley Indiana Wesleyan University, Ashlynn McMillan Indiana Wesleyan University, Alexzandra McFarland Indiana Wesleyan University, Kandace Rowe Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
Addiction causes countless crises among many individuals which makes sobriety so crucial to the families of substance dependent individuals as well as others in their sphere of influence, and ultimately themselves. According to Romberg and colleagues (2016) more than 11.5 million adolescents and adults are reported to have abused prescription opioids. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the factors that are leading to long term sobriety in hopes that the research can refine current or outdated treatment. The purpose of this study is to explore the key factors of substance dependent individuals and their recovery process of maintaining long term sobriety of 5 or more years. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted on persons over eighteen years old who have struggled with substance abuse, yet self-report being in long term recovery for more than 5 years. This study gives voice to individuals who have remained sober after living with addiction in hopes that others may glean personal insights into their own recovery process. In addition, stakeholders may develop innovative interventions or strengthen current practices in serving others struggling with addictions.
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