School Social Workers and Violence Prevention Programs and Activities in Indianapolis

Emily Ray Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
Violence in schools is a growing problem that incites fear in countless Americans, young and old. As incidents of school violence continue to be brought to the public’s attention by the media, America wants to know what is being done to put an end to these kinds of violence. The National Association for Social Workers has recently published an article highlighting the growing need for school social workers to prevent school violence. (NASW 2018) While another article cites research that indicates school social workers play a key role in reducing incidents of school violence (Bent-Goodley 2018:197) This study intends to determine the role that school social workers, in public Indianapolis high schools, play in preventing school violence, as well as their perceptions of these programs and activities. I will be conducting detailed interviews with 10-12 school social workers currently working in Indianapolis, asking open ended questions to find out how school violence in Indianapolis is being fought against.
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10:00 AM
Jordan Hall 201