Saudade: Longing for Culture

Gabrielle Sapata Xavier University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Suzanne Chouteau Xavier University
Through printmaking and design, I have explored Portuguese culture in an attempt to answer an essential question: why is culture important? My work examines the question by bringing old cultural practices into the present by utilizing modern technology. The subject matter of these three woodcuts (carved with hand tools) is the Portuguese fishing industry, a predominant part of Portuguese life. Varina and Pescador were first printed and then hand-sewn onto fabric in the traditional manner. In contrast, Peixinhos was first printed and then digitally animated. This combination of the present and the past makes an antiquated culture more accessible for current day society. Culture too often is extinguished as society evolves. Through innovation, I hope to preserve and highlight Portuguese culture—and to encourage others to reflect on their own cultural roots.

When & Where

Irwin Library 1st Floor