Resiliency, Reconciliation, and Peace: Implications for Social Work Practice

Megan Abbott Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
This qualitative research study explored how adult children, from both America and Vietnam, have reconciled the death of their father during the Vietnam War. Participants were involved in the 2 Sides Project, an organization that aims to connect children from opposite sides of the American/Vietnam War. Each year Gold Star Children, or children who have lost a parent as a result of war, are given an opportunity through the 2 Sides Project to travel to the place of their father’s death. This study looked at how peace was found by some of the “Gold Star Children” from both the United States and Vietnam forty years after the end of the Vietnam War. Data from participants from the 2 Sides Project with the intention of helping adult children, both American and Vietnamese, reconcile the loss of their fathers as result of the war. The data, obtained through the form of questionnaires, provides insight into the journey through loss, healing, and reconciliation. The subjects of the study include six sons and daughters of fallen American Veterans who traveled to Vietnam to meet with six sons and daughters of fallen North Vietnamese soldiers. All of the participants are involved in the 2018 2 Sides Project. This study hopes to fill a gap in literature regarding resiliency theory and recovery from parental loss; while highlighting the unheard voices of those deeply impacted by the aftermath of war.
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