Relationship Satisfaction and Pornography Use: A Correlational Study

Taylor Lacy Huntington University, Hannah Williams Huntington University, SangJin Woo Huntington University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Rebekah Benjamin Huntington University
Pornography is becoming increasingly more common and accepted in society, with more than fifty percent of men watching pornography on a weekly basis (Carroll, Busby, Willoughby, & Brown, 2017). This proposal will focus on the association between male pornography use and relationship satisfaction. Previous studies have shown relational instability is positively correlated with the use of pornography (e.g., Chowdhury, Kabir, Kader, & Perera, 2018). The current study aims to measure relationship attitudes and determine whether they are correlated with frequency of pornography usage in young adult males. The sample of approximately 150 males will be taken from a small, Christian liberal arts college in northeast Indiana and a large, public university in the West. We will be using portions of the Cyber Pornography Use Inventory (Grubbs, Sessoms, Wheeler, & Volk, 2010) and the Positive-Negative Association Scale (Fincham & Rogge, 2013) to determine whether a correlation exists between these variables.
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