Reflections on Literary Translation and Multiculturalism through Gaël Faye’s Petit Pays

William Redd Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Ellen Thorington Ball State University
I will present on linguistics multiculturalism and multilingualism through the lens of translation. Linguistic multiculturalism and multilingualism interests me because I study Spanish and French. I am fascinated by the literary, linguistic, and cultural implications of translation. I am completing a literary translation of Gaël Faye’s Petit Pays from French into English then from English into Spanish. I will use the experience of translating from French into English to develop a deeper understanding of translation from a non-native language to a native language. The translation from English to Spanish will be used to further the understanding of translation from a native language to a non-native language. The goal is not to change the mistakes as they occur but instead, to observe the process of translation, and the development of translation skills. The English and Spanish translations will be in two columns on the left side and on the right, there will be a photo depicting what I visualize as I go through the book as understood from the perspective of a student from Indiana. A separate document will be kept in French of my thoughts as I translate. It is my belief that the importance of language and its various uses is not valued at the degree that it should. Through this project, I demonstrate what a student can do with degrees in two separate modern languages and how the understanding of languages can aid in assessing cultures, traditions, or even something as easily taken for granted as the reading of a text. The presentation will be a reflection on the process of translation and on the importance of language and multiculturalism.
Modern Languages, Cultures, & Literatures
Oral Presentation

When & Where

02:15 PM
Jordan Hall 242