Police Brutality

Jenna Cartwright Valparaiso University, Sydney Griffin Valparaiso University, Debra Miller Valparaiso University, Kaitlyn Mentone Valparaiso University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Matthew Ringenberg Valparaiso University
When students enroll in an institution of higher education, they each bring their own experiences and resulting ideology to campus life. The purpose of this study was to see if different populations have encountered police brutality at different rates. Are high school-aged Black men from urban areas more likely to be victims of police brutality than their white counterparts? This study was also designed to determine if there are demographic factors or trends that provide an explanation for varying rates of police brutality between populations. The data was collected from each researcher's high school of origin. The data collected will be representative of the current student bodies at each high school. The results of this study will provide valuable information to law enforcement regarding their interactions with diverse populations and ways in which they can integrate the results into their training programs.
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11:15 AM
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