Organizations Aimed at Reducing Food Insecurity in Indianapolis

Abby Hogan Butler University, Caroline Klenck Butler University, Sarah Diviney Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katherine Novak Butler University
Statistics from the USDA indicate that food insecurity in Indiana has risen in the recent years. The number of food deserts in the Indianapolis region has also increased, creating a need to learn more about possible solutions. Our research focuses on organizations aimed at reducing food insecurity in the Indianapolis metropolitan area through urban farming. Using a qualitative approach, we explore the ways in which different organizational structures potentially affect their fulfillment of their mission to reduce food deserts, and the organization’s perceptions of their impact. Data will be gathered via participant observation at organization meetings and events as well as through in-depth interviews with members of the organizations who participate at various levels. Results of this study have the potential to further our understanding of the impact these organizations and urban farming have in addressing the issue of food deserts within the community.
Sustainability, Urban Ecology & Environmental Studies
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10:30 AM
Jordan Hall 276