Numb to the Pain

Stephen Dyer Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
Don’t do drugs, at least that’s what most people are told in middle school while bring shown pictures of meth addicts. This body of work explores the complex and difficult experiences related to substance abuse and addiction. Drugs are often depicted in the media by people of higher social status as glamorous, fun, and an exciting method of altering your state of mind while simultaneously addicts are looked down upon for allowing substances to consume their entire being. Addiction is a slow burn. By the time someone fully realizes their addiction, the damage is done. Its an uncomfortable topic few people are willing to discuss. It’s easier to ignore your problems, especially when you’re high. This project explores the differences between the preconceived perceptions regarding addiction and the reality of those suffering from various types of substance abuse. Topics dealt with include the racial disparities in drug related prosecutions, the relapse and rehab cycles, and the influence of money and status on perpetuating substance abuse. The work explores these topics by exemplifying the reality of addiction in contrast to the perceptions of society.
Art/Art History
Oral Presentation

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09:15 AM
Lilly Hall 145