The Motivations and Perceived Benefits of Student Participation in Dance Marathon

Emily Nettesheim Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Chad Knoderer Butler University
The Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement has attracted over one million college students nationwide and fundraised over $38 million in 2017. The objective of this study was to determine student motivations and perceptions of the benefits of participation in Dance Marathon. This was a quantitative and qualitative cross-sectional study administered using an online survey software. Undergraduate students from three different Indiana programs were invited to participate. The survey consisted of 20 questions divided into four categories: demographics, what is Dance Marathon participation, motivations, and perceived benefits from DM involvement. There were 161 respondents out of 1492 recipients for an 11% response rate. The cohort included male (15%) and female (85%) students. There was general agreement among respondents that they gained new skills (88-98%) and matured (80-93%). The majority of participants (65-81%) noted the CMN mission as their primary motivation for participation. This cohort of Indiana students have overall positive perceptions of the benefits of Dance Marathon participation.
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Pharmacy & Health Sciences 156