"More than Hunger": A Case Study Analysis of Food Insecurity in Indianapolis

DaCoda Love Butler University, Jarrod Koester Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katherine Novak Butler University
Food insecurity defines situations in which individuals are without access to affordable, healthy food. The likelihood of residents being food insecure in Indiana is higher than the national average, with the highest rates in its largest metropolitan center, Indianapolis. The study's purpose is to conduct a case study of Flanner House, a social services organization, to develop an in-depth understanding of how they address food insecurity through different food access operations within the Near Northwest community. We will interview employees, community members, and individuals who utilize the bodega/cafe (both community and non-community members). Interview topics focus on participants’ perceptions of food insecurity within the community and Flanner House’s approach to addressing this issue, as well as experiences with the organization. Through the combination of interview data and participant observation, we hope to add to existing research on various approaches to addressing food insecurity and the effectiveness of organizational leadership.
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