Modern Fashion and Conservative Religion

Madison Holden Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Peter Wang Butler University
For many people in many different religions they wear specific clothing to fit in with the whole of their congregation. It makes people feel good to be in that group and to feel like they fit in. It is important to look at how the current generations of Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs make a spin on their original Religious fashions in a way that is still respectful of the code and that communicates their oneness within that community. So why explore and compare three religions instead of just one? As mentioned before, Muslims get most of the attention on this subject, of course, Islamic fashion is the most distinct and is important for a paper on Faith and fashion. Why write soley about what's been written before? On the flip side, Sikhs do not get enough attention and are frequently confused with Muslims. Making the distinction between the two seems relevant. Lastly for Christianity, while it is one of the largest religions in the world, there is seldom any specific dress associated with it. To uncover the mysteries of and to discover the similarities in modern day religious fashion becomes and important part in understanding the rapid modernisation of ancient religions. Younger people are not as focused on their religions as their grandparents or even their parents and this is something we can see in the evolution of religious fashion and the way youth want to blend in not only with their religious groups but also with their modern peers.
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