Mass Incarceration: Trans-Women of Color

Mikayla Whittemore Butler University, Isaiah Moore Butler University, Zoya barker Butler University, Catalina Gallegos Butler University, Elise Wang Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Robin Turner Butler University
In the creation of this multimedia project, our group’s goal was to shed light on the injustices faced by trans-women of color, specifically those caught in the incarceration system of the United States. We developed a highly interactive project which would emphasize the humanity in trans-women of color and how their human rights have been threatened through the prison industrial complex. Whether it be by infographic, timeline, interactive map or by direct quotes, the otherwise largely silenced voices of incarcerated black/latinx trans women are highlighted in an attempt to both raise awareness about the violation of their human rights, and the flaws within our criminal justice system. While we were the creators of this project, we wanted their voices to be the strongest throughout its entirety. For that reason, we have included numerous photos and quotes from women directly impacted by the criminal justice system.
Political Science
Oral Presentation

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10:45 AM
Jordan Hall 170