Martha Washington: Republican Mother of the United States

John Upchurch Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Anita Morgan Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Martha Washington was a woman who served several duties throughout her life, those of first lady, wife, and mother. The overarching question is what exactly was her impact on America and its politics. It is important to further explore her contributions in depth. Overall in women's history there is a lack of deep dives into the women themselves. Often times they can only be learned about via their husband's own biographies. Thus it is important for us to explore the contributions and roles of women like Martha Washington. In doing this we paint a clearer and broader story of our shared history.

In her roles she played an integral part in the successes of President George Washington. In her capacity as a wife she served as a confidant for her husband. Through trying times she provided the critical emotional support George needed to accomplish his duties. Furthermore, Martha served to organize and care for the social conventions of the day where George was left lacking. Finally, Martha served to set the precedent for first ladies that would be emulated by her dear friend and second first lady, Abigail Adams. Martha Washington was crucial to the establishment of the office of the first lady and the success of the nation's first president.
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