A Look at Participant Observations of Family Recovery/ Problem-Solving Courts

Claire Webster Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kenneth Colburn Butler University
The study that I am proposing to conduct will allow for an in depth look at the participants
observations and opinions of the Family Recovery Court programs in and around the
Indianapolis area. This study will seek to gain qualitative information that is not currently being
discussed in the research literature surrounding the family recovery court programs and problem
solving courts in general. This study is important because having a grasp on participants opinions
will allow for better policy making surrounding the court in order to serve people to the best of
the courts ability. By using a survey and asking both open and closed ended questions, I hope to
truly analyze the best and worst parts of the recovery-court process. I believe that this study is
important because as time progresses, so do the court systems and it is important that the new
practices are well informed.
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01:30 PM
Jordan Hall 201