A Look at the Negative Stigma Surrounding Homelessness

Alaister McFarren Grace College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Paulette Sauders Grace College
The U.S. has hosted a substantial homeless population for as long as people have been settled here. Currently, it is in the midst of a homeless crisis, with over half a million people living on the streets or in shelters around the nation. Despite our history with the topic, however, the people of the U.S. are often sorely underinformed about the roots of what causes a person to become homeless; as a result of this knowledge gap, stigmas that negatively impact the efforts of homelessness advocates are rampant among the general American populace.
In my paper, I will attempt to do three primary things: First, I plan to investigate the roots of the negative stigma surrounding U.S. homelessness. If it exists, as I and others in the field of homeless advocacy believe it does, then I will examine the validity of that stigma and whether the assumptions many hold about the homeless are based in fact or in false information. Once this information is researched, I will postulate possible roads that could lead to better awareness about the real causes of homelessness based on areas where the homeless are not stigmatized as strongly, such as Europe.
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