Life under Occupation: Embodied Experience of Violence in India Occupied Kashmir

Varshini Balaji Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Susan Hyatt Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
With the recent revoking of Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which grants Kashmir a special status recognizing its historical and political past, the question of liberation in Kashmir is increasingly relevant and urgent. While much academic scholarship focuses on the socio-political implications of violence, this presentation will discuss the embodied experience (both biological and psychological) of occupation. Through a critical medical anthropology lens, this presentation explores the condition of health, body, and illness alongside political and cultural subjugation. While violence may seem abstract, it is a structure that requires maintenance and real strategies of violence (AFSPA, disappearance, military) are employed to feed the beast, that is, occupation. In this presentation, the presenter will provide an intimate understanding of the everyday experience of living with violence because it is in the everyday that violence threatens to become visible.
Oral Presentation

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09:15 AM
Jordan Hall 238