Las Opciones en la Casa de Bernarda Alba

Lawrence Pettrone Ball State University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Stephen Hessel Ball State University
“La Casa de Bernarda Alba” is a play written by Garcia Lorca in 1936. The play tells the story of a mother, Bernarda, who has entrapped her five daughters and mother within the walls of their house. I was particularly interested in the functions of the spaces of the property. The design of the home, such as the doors and the windows, limited the daughters’ and grandmother’s interactions with people from outside the house. Within my presentation, I will dive deeper into an analysis of how these physical aspects of the house affected the mental state of the daughters and grandmother. I will also discuss some of the abstract spaces created by the characters to escape the unbearable physical aspects of the property. Specifically, one daughter, Adela, described a house in which she could with her lover. The grandmother imagined her escape to the sea, where she could be free of the house’s limitations. These escapes from reality negatively affect the characters’ mental states. The grandmother was portrayed as a crazy woman who sometimes escaped her imprisonment in her room. Adela feels unable to physically escape the house, so she takes her own life. Ultimately these mental escapes caused the grandmother to go crazy and Adela to commit suicide. This presentation will be delivered in Spanish.
Modern Languages, Cultures, & Literatures
Oral Presentation

When & Where

10:45 AM
Jordan Hall 242