La Casa De Atraco Heist House

Alexandra Rohrer Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Courtney Mohler Butler University
This project was based off of the popular Spanish television series, La Casa De Papel, aired in May of 2017 on network Antena 3 before being transitioned Netflix and re-released internationally. The 15 episode, two-part series is currently filming a third season to be released later this year. The author of this script has adapted and translated the first two seasons of this high-stakes, heist drama into a theatrical, English format to be staged in April. This presentation explores reasons why the author was drawn to the popular foreign drama, as well as her critical thoughts on strengths and challenges of adapting this this material from TV to theatre, translating the language, and translating cultural elements from Spain to Indianapolis.

Dance & Theatre
Oral Presentation

When & Where

01:30 PM
Lilly Hall 141