International Travel and its Effects

Daniel Bowen Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Susan Hyatt Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
When it comes to international travel, what is the first thing that usually pops into people’s heads? Probably sandy beaches and sunny weather, right? However, what if I was to tell you that a lot more goes into it? What if I was to tell you that international travel can have quite the mental toll on people? That a permanent/semi-permanent relocation will sometimes cause feelings of loneliness and depression that could eventually lead to said mental toll? During my research, I found places where this was exactly the case. For example, some Japanese corporate wives had to leave everything they knew behind to relocate to the United States with their husband, students going away on a study abroad trip in Italy, Indian parents raising their children in the United States, but still retaining their ethnic background, and Chinese immigrants finding a home in New York. While this poster will discuss the mental strains of international travel, it will focus more on how these individuals find a new home while still retaining their ethnic background. In other words, this poster will dive into how immigrants transform their new home country into their old home country.
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