Influence of Gabrielle Roy on Margaret Atwood's Writing

Ana Eichner Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Larry Riggs Butler University
Gabrielle Roy is a celebrated and extremely successful francophone Canadian author. Her work was immensely influential both during the time that she was releasing them and after her death. The short stories and novels that she wrote often focused on the realities of everyday Canadian life. Many of her stories exposed sides of life that were not widely discussed in literature such as poverty and the lives of the working class. Since they were published, they have become mainstays in most Canadian literature classrooms. This is the setting in which Margaret Atwood first became acquainted with Roy’s works. After having read Roy in class Atwood became deeply interested in her. Now, Atwood cites Roy as having a major influence on her own writing as well as calling her an inspiration. In this presentation, I will be exploring the extent of Gabrielle Roy’s influence on Atwood’s own published works and the themes that they both share.
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