Indiana Factories During World War II

Ben Grese Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Paul Hanson Butler University
During World War II, it cannot be denied that Indiana played a big role in the nation's wartime production. A lot of this was thanks to the massive factories that sprung up all over the state. In most cases, these factories were located more in smaller towns than in larger cities. The factories helped boomtowns spring up overnight. Sometimes within the mere expanse of a couple of months, populations went from hundred to a few thousand. This is essentially what took place in Charlestown, IN. Built in 1940, the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant was said to be the largest smokeless powder factory in the world. With it actually consisting of three separate factories, it employed thousands of workers and took up huge amounts of land. Because of these reasons, not everyone in the neighboring towns were very happy with the building of the factory. This paper will aim to use the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant as a case study to examine the effects that the massive Indiana factories had on the small towns that they were built in.
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