The Importance of Implementing Intimacy Directing in Collegiate Settings

Lindsay Vallance Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Courtney Mohler Butler University
The “MeToo” era has brought heightened attention to the emotional and physical safety of actors on the stage and screen. Intimacy Directors International (IDI), a not for profit organization founded in 2016, has developed best practices for choreographing intimacy, nudity, and simulated sex for theatre and film. This presentation draws on my experiences of facilitating intimate moments for a 2019 student production of The Machinal Project according to the practices set forth by IDI for students. I will discuss these following tenets from IDI resources as they should be implemented in an academic theatre setting: build a blueprint for the intimacy within the scene, establish boundaries between actors, and create a system for checking in before/after. Finally, this presentation argues that scenes with intimacy of any nature, should employ an intimacy choreographer to dictate the movements of the bodies ensuring the actors safety on stage in a collegiate setting.
Dance & Theatre
Oral Presentation

When & Where

02:00 PM
Lilly Hall 141