The Impact of Suicide on Professional Caretakers

Emily Bosworth Indiana Wesleyan University, Jenna Mogg Indiana Wesleyan University, Lindsey Violet Indiana Wesleyan University, Chloe Mackay Indiana Wesleyan University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Katti Sneed Indiana Wesleyan University
This qualitative study offers a unique perspective on those who are affected by veteran suicide by focusing on the experiences of professionals caring for veterans. There has been a consistent rise in veterans committing suicide, yet little public attention has been given on the effects suicide has on the professional caretakers who walk alongside the veterans before they commit suicide. This is a topic that has not been talked about enough. When a person commits suicide, people begin to wonder how it has directly affected those within the veteran’s social network. There have been multiple studies done on the families of those affected by Veteran death by suicide. However, there has not been a qualitative study in Grant County on how suicide may affect a professional caretaker that has worked with veterans who have died from suicide. This study listens to the voices of professional caretakers whose veteran patient died by suicide during their care. The study focuses on the internal processes, emotional, spiritual, and social ramifications that have been explored based on the professional caretakers response to the suicide. The results of this qualitative study will show a wider view of who all is affected when a Veteran dies by suicide. It will show what steps have been taken and what steps still need to be taken in order to help a professional caretaker during the reconciliation process after they have lost a Veteran to suicide.
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