Immigration, Appropriation, and America

Bridget Walsh Xavier University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Suzanne Chouteau Xavier University
Through drawing, I have explored immigration and appropriation in America to illustrate the social, emotional, and cultural isolation that people face when immigrating to America. I particularly focus on children immigrants and how their experience can contribute to childhood development. The subject matter of my work focuses on assimilation, isolation, and the body as a vulnerable object. My work is meant to show how immigration, race, and culture can contribute to feeling alone. Although feeling alone is experienced by everyone, my work is meant to illustrate that during adolescence, feeling alone because of race and culture is extremely isolating. The series contains three drawings. The first drawing illustrates childhood birthday parties and how celebrating where you’re from and who you were born to may feel isolating especially if you have faced discrimination, racism, and bullying because of your origins. The second piece is meant to show how America Americanizes cultural food. This piece focuses on Chinese Buffets and uses a traditional Japanese Woodblock print style to illustrate that all Asian cultures are lumped together in American Chinese Buffets as a way to appeal to more people. The third piece illustrates child immigrants at the southwest boarder. The piece is meant to depict the vulnerability and emotional trauma that children face when they are put into cages. Through my work, I hope to bring awareness to the ways that Immigration can contribute to feeling alone—and encourage others to be empathetic and celebrate other cultures.
Art/Art History
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