Images of Hope

Taylor Leigh Robinson Queens University of Charlotte, Dianne Hagstrom Queens University of Charlotte
Faculty Sponsor(s): Siu Challons-Lipton Queens University of Charlotte
How can visual literacy encourage a sense of confidence and identity in refugee children? Explanations were explored with support from a Title III Grant for a Faculty/Student Research Project from Queens University of Charlotte, student researchers with a faculty mentor investigated the impact of the visual arts on refugee children. Using creative literacy in artistic workshops, researchers built trust and mentorship with elementary and middle school children and encouraged them to communicate their stories through art. At each workshop, a different literacy device and artistic technique was used to tell the past, present, future, and the journey to America for these children. A culminating exhibition displayed the art works created by refugee children. Over the weeks, the Queens faculty and students witnessed dramatic changes in the children through exposure to the arts, particularly as regards their confidence and concentration levels. Through sharing their cultural heritage in art projects, children gained confidence in identifying their home of origin. They used their art as a catalyst to initiate conversation with fellow students and share their stories.
Art/Art History
Oral Presentation

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09:30 AM
Lilly Hall 133