Imagery Usage in Non-Profit Advertisements: A Case for Millennial Consumers

Kyle McKiernan Kings College
Faculty Sponsor(s): JC Blewitt Kings College
This presentation investigates imagery preference for Millennial consumers in the context of non-profit advertisements. We propose that the Millennial generation has a tendency to be a more promotion-focused group and thus, prefers positive ad imagery over negative imagery. Terror Management Theory and Regulatory Focus Theory guide the hypothesis development in this research. A study of 140 Millennial consumers supports the central premise of the paper that Millennials prefer positive ad-imagery and respond more favorably to ads that elicit feelings of positivity over fear. These results suggest that non-profit firms seeking donations should consider using proactive strategies when targeting Millennial consumers, who will make up a large majority of their donors in the coming decades.
Business & Economics
Oral Presentation

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02:15 PM
Jordan Hall 174