How Crime Dramas Affect the Perception of Crime

Abby Hogan Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Krista Cline Butler University
Television crime dramas are becoming more and more popular, introducing new shows and spin-offs every year. With their growing popularity, it is important to study possible impacts that they could have on society, and research how much they are influencing people’s views. Using a quantitative approach, this study looks at how much college students watch and enjoy these shows, and whether they affect their perception on the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system. A survey will be sent out to Butler undergraduate students which will ask questions regarding their crime drama watching habits, along with their opinions and views on different aspects of the criminal justice system, including crime clearance rate and their faith in the system. This study predicts that watching crime dramas will make Butler students less concerned about crime and criminals, and more confident in the criminal justice system to catch offenders.
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