Healthy Living Education Through Infographics in an Underserved Community of the Dominican Republic

Lauren Wathen Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Patricia Devine Butler University
Butler University partnered with Barnabas Task to provide a clinic with free healthcare services to an underserved area of the Dominican Republic (DR). Patients are triaged, seen by a provider, and sent to the pharmacy. In the clinic, patients received education about their medications and lifestyle habits, but the language barrier and differences in health literacy made it difficult to convey complex health information. The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of a health infographic on the patient’s ability to recall health information when a language barrier and diverse health literacy exists. Patients from Cienfuegos, DR received an anonymous five-question pre-assessment while they waited to be triaged. The provider then explained the infographic to the patient, and the patient received an anonymous five-question post-assessment in the pharmacy. Total scores of the pre and post-assessment (n=19) were analyzed using the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test. Median total scores for the pre and post-assessment were 80% and 100% respectively (p=0.01). The study suggests that infographics increased recall of health information in patients where a language barrier and wide array of health literacy exists.
Pharmacy, Health Sciences, & Exercise Science
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Pharmacy & Health Sciences 212