Mariam Saeedi Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Gautam Rao Butler University
This body of work explores the gendered social binary faced by women and men on an everyday basis. More than that, it focuses on the ways in which cultural norms have deeply influenced the way we perceive women and their roles in everyday life. The seemingly progressive trends in our world seem to cast a dark shadow upon the reality of inequality that women face daily. They are still not offered the same amount of equality and opportunity available to men, including equal pay and equal rights over their bodies. This work offers a look into the stereotypical gender norms that characterize a woman’s everyday life in hopes of bringing to light the inequality and double standards that affect the consciousness of both men and women in contemporary society. My hope is that this work will challenge you to think about the ways in which our society has assigned specific roles to both genders (more specifically women) and the ways in which these roles affect our perception of gender as a whole.
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09:45 AM
Lilly Hall 133