Gender, Sexuality, and Female Stereotypes in American Music Video Culture

Emma Derouin Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Peter Han-Chih Wang Butler University
For the past five decades that music videos have been a part of American visual culture, women have been sexualized and under or misrepresented in this context. The very first music videos produced served as a visual addition and often times a recording of a live performance. As production qualities increased and more visual aspects were added, music videos began to morph into who can feature the most beautiful women in the most sexual nature. This is when the objectification of women in music videos began. While the evolution of music videos is an intriguing part of American visual culture, it is also another medium to dissect the evolution of the gender complications society encounters today. Examining music videos from artists such as Queen, OutKast, Beyonce, and Lizzo, we can delve into the original visual intent of music videos, the evolution of gender misrepresentation, contextual differences in modern day culture and different genres of music, and identify societal progress or lack thereof.

Art/Art History
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