Is Franklin College Doing Enough? Alum’s Satisfaction on Career Readiness

Michael Eisberg Franklin College, Timothy Kreczmer Franklin College, Darren Schaefer Franklin College
Faculty Sponsor(s): Zhenyu Tang Franklin College
Is Franklin College Doing Enough? Alum’s Satisfaction on Career Readiness. Mike Eisberg,

Timothy Kreczmer and Darren Schaefer, Franklin College. Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Zhenyu Tang. Franklin College’s alumni felt the college prepared them for life after graduation. Results found in this paper came from a survey. This survey was sent out to alumni via email address. An in-depth analysis from the results was conducted to conclude if Franklin College was successful in the preparation of students. Some of the key areas we looked at were alumni perception on how well the college prepared and how well internships prepared them. Areas we looked at were: race, gender, and socioeconomic status. The results of both analyses showed us that the college seems to be doing well at preparing students for life after graduation. However, some things were looked at to see how Franklin College can continue to improve upon. One area that needs improving is foreign language. A high number of people that responded to the survey said that foreign language classes did not help them for life after college. At the end of the analyses we concluded that Franklin College is doing well overall in preparing students for life after college, but needs to improve upon the areas of foreign language and diversity. Also, further research needs to be conducted on these topics.
Competitive Paper--All Disciplines (includes an Oral Presentation)
Competitive Paper (includes an Oral Presentation)

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