Fornication over Procreation: The Relationship of Abstinence-Based Sex Education and Sociosexuality

Taylor Perry-Crawford Xavier University of Louisiana
Faculty Sponsor(s): Shantoyia Jones Xavier University of Louisiana
Review of the literature has shown that abstinence-based sex education can be subjective, inaccurate, and ineffective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. However, research has yet to be conducted on the role abstinence-based sex education has on one’s sexual behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Therefore, I conducted a study that assessed the relationship of abstinence-based sex education and sociosexuality to identify how both play a role in one’s knowledge, engagement, and perception of sexual encounters and intimate partnerships. Through implementation of the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory, The Sexual Restrictedness Survey and Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes Test, and structured interviews, participant’s sexual knowledge, experience, and attitudes were assessed. I hypothesized that abstinence-based sex education correlates with one’s sexual behavior, knowledge, and relationship perception. Therefore, it is optimal for schools and parents to employ an exclusive, comprehensive sexual education technique for young adults in order for them to be properly informed and prepared once they are ready to engage in sexual activity.
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