From Families to Faculty: African-American Displacement and Urban Renewal in Indianapolis

Alyssa Meyer Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Kyle Turner Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Paul Mullins Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Andrea Copeland Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Downtown Indianapolis residential neighborhoods have undergone significant change over the course of the past century. Many of these areas were home to rich cultural communities, but due to a variety of factors, they have been transformed into the urban spaces we see today. One such transformation can be seen in the community surrounding Indiana Avenue. Once a cultural hub for a predominately African-American community, the expansion of IU Medical School, the creation and development of Indianapolis University Purdue University Indianapolis, and the major interstate projects drastically altered this neighborhood. In an exploration of this heritage, a digital exhibit detailing a narrative of a specific household was created. In addition to recounting the stories of these families, our research gives a personal account of how urban renewal policies can deeply impact society and provides a mechanism for a reflective contemporary discussion of the legacy of racism.
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09:30 AM
Jordan Hall 336C