The Exploitation of the Muse

Lydia Zidan Butler University
Faculty Sponsor(s): Peter Wang Butler University
In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, a muse is an inspirational goddess which provokes the formation of literature, science and art. The muse Erato, for example, is said to have discovered poetry and the expression of love through it. Today, a muse is an individual or thing (typically female), that inspires any sort of artistic creation. This essay will explore the relationship between the artist and the muse, the effect of the muse on the production of art and the subsequent exploitation of the muse as a result of the aforementioned topics. This supposed exploitation will be studied across a variety of artists and mediums in American history. This paper will explore if certain mediums tend to report more cases of exploitation, sexual and otherwise. Furthermore, this paper will study the relationship between the phenomena “exoticism” and “orientalism” (which were often associated with a certain “barbaric splendour“) and the exploitation of the muse, particularly during the 18th and 19th century.
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